Dear Ms. Smith-Scott,

Thank you for your excellent legal services provided to me and my family. Although there are many good attorneys and law firms , you went beyond the call of duty. Your knowledge and expertise helped make the jagged edges in my life smooth. I appreciate your positive attitude and self-sacrificing spirit. It is encouraging to know that there are still professional people like you and your group who still have my best interest at heart!

T. Wesley Stancil


Strategic Law Group, LLC is a boutique law firm with an emphasis in Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Tort Law and Contract Disputes. However, we continue to view ourselves as general practitioners. It is our goal to provide useful legal OPTIONS that best suit the needs of our clients. We provide choices that are beneficial to the resolution of many of the problems that are facing our clients. For example, we have the ability to offer bankruptcy, loan modification and possible financing avenues to solve a financial issue involving real estate. We are able to mediate versus litigate our client’s issue that may involve a consumerdispute arising out of a contract, landlord tenant, tort, employment, etc. Also, our goal is to help individuals and businesses, who have been historically underserved, to participate and to benefit from the legal system.

We have various options that may assist our clients:

  • We have the ability to provide several options when resolving financial problems, which includes excessive debt, judgments, a mortgage balance that is under water, etc. We have the ability to work on settling outstanding financial issues by working directly with the opposing parties to arrive at a satisfactorily resolution. We can consider the advantages and disadvantages of a Bankruptcy filing. And, we can consider financing, re-financing or modification.
  • We work with individuals and business who own real estate, whether it is their residence or an investment property that is facing foreclosure. We can work with your lender and assist with the paperwork in seeking a loan modification. Also, we will work to develop other legal options, which may include a legal claim based on the servicing of the debt under the Consumer Protection Act, Fair Debt Practice Collection Act, RESPA, Common Law Contracts, etc.
  • We can develop, define, analyze, negotiate, litigate and mediate contract disputes that may affect you or your business.
  • We have had extensive training and practical experience with Bankruptcy Practice. We would like you to know that bankruptcy does not carry the stigma that it once carried and its benefit include: modifying investment and commercial properties, stripping second mortgages, reducing the debt on automobiles, wiping out unsecured debt, etc.
  • We have years of experience handling Landlord and Tenant issues. If you are a Landlord, we are able to save you time and money. We can file the necessary paperwork as well as go to court on your behalf.
  • We have handled debt buyer cases. These cases are defined by the fact that the original creditor has sold their interest to a third party collection agency and that agency is coming after you for payment. Many times the third party collection agency has bought this debt for pennies on the dollar, the documents are generally not complete and the collection agency’s attorney comes to court without anyone to authenticate the debt, but they manage to get judgments against the Defendants. We love representing these Defendants!
  • We can aggressively represent you during dissolution of a marriage. No one likes seeing a couple that once loved each other make a decision that a divorce is necessary, so when, it occurs, it is important to find someone who is empathetic and able to foresee what is necessary to reach your goal. We can assist with the identification and division of marital assets, child support and visitations, etc.
  • Even though we have an interest in financial transactions and bankruptcy practice, as general practitioners, we have the flexibility to take on other areas of law that may not be marketed to the public.
  • As a boutique law firm that is interested in keeping our Client’s expenses low, we are able to call on others attorneys who can bring additional expertise and experience that can benefit and support the needs of the client.
  • Strategic Law Group, LLC wants to be known as “The Legal Counsel” for the consumer, the individual. We care about the fair treatment of the average person who is participating in the legal process and we are aware of the necessity for aggressive legal representation.

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The Pebble in the Current

Don’t be the boulder in the stream,be the pebble in the current.

After your days in a calm creek,fly in the flow downstream.

Revel in the tumble of the rapids,and the freefall flight of the waterfall.

Smooth your edges in the ether of water,let her flows strip you down to sand.

At the mouth of the mother of waters,join the paradise of pebbles on the beach.

Each grain, a pebble from a different creek,in the endless ebbs and flows of the tide.

All humming the great hymn,of earth and sea and sky above.

Don’t be the boulder in the stream,be the pebble in the current.

– Akenji Ndumu

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We are a Debt Relief Agency under the Federal Law and we provide Legal Assistance to Consumers Seeking Relief Under the Bankruptcy Code.

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